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We are Licenced Pawn Broker and Dealers In Second Hand Goods. Office of Fair Trading Queensland Licence No 3943230.
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 20%. Loan Terms: 62 - 90 days. Minimum borrowing amount: $1,000AUD. Maximum borrowing amount: $100,000AUD. NO hidden fees, NO Establishment fees or additional costs.
E.G: If you were to borrow $100 over 60 days your minimum monthly repayment would be $20 per month over 2 months coming to a $140 total repayment.
BIG PAWN is an Australian Owned Business. The Registered and Incorporated Body being Aussie Business Corporation Pty Ltd. ABN: 27107569139. Head Office: Unit 5, 17 Villiers Drive Currumbin Queensland 4223.